Coat of arms of Gori Municipality


The shield of the coat of arms of Gori municipality is crossed and divided into four parts (fields) with a silver-white cross, on which there is placed a purpure floating cross.

The first part: On a purpure (red) field, there is a silver mountain pierced with two golden arrows (Mount Iberia), with golden fire.

The second part: An unfolded silver (white) book is depicted on an azure field.

The third part: On the azure (blue) field, a gold coin is portrayed.

The fourth part: On a purpure field, there are three golden Rtskhili (Grape species)leaves.

Above the shield of the coat of arms is placed a silver crown of the city with a three- towered rampart (castle-fortress-shaped) with a half-open gate.

The motto of the coat of arms, "Gori", is written in black on the silver field of the bow, placed on a silver-purpure ribbon below the shield.


                      Flag of Gori Municipality


The flag of Gori municipality consists of a field that is divided into four parts by a purpure cross outlined in white.


The first and fourth parts of the flag are purpure, while the second and third parts are azure.


The upper right purpure field displays a silver mountain, known as Mount Iberia, which is depicted with golden flames pierced by two golden arrows.


The proportion of the flag is 2/3.