About the municipality

About Gori Municipality

Gori municipality is located in the central part of eastern Georgian region of Shida Kartli. Administrative center of the municipality is Gori City. The total area of Gori Municipality is 1352 km2. Gori Municipality consists of 1 city (Gori) and 120 villages. The population of the municipality is 125,692 - men (48.3%) and women (51.7%), 38% of the population lives in urban areas and 62% in rural areas.



Gori Municipality is situated  76km west of the capital, Tbilisi. The highway and main railway of Georgia run across Gori Municipality.

Gori  City is convenient to travel from any direction by train and/or any public transport. The nearest airports are Tbilisi international airport and Kutaisi international airport.

Tbilisi state airport is 100km away from Gori City. On average, it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there by car.

Kutaisi international airport is 174 km away from Gori City On average, it takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to the airport by car. Gori municipality is close to the ports as well. The nearest ports are Poti  - 247 km and Batumi  - 292 km.